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Top 5 Google Ranking Factors in 2017

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Making sure that your company’s online presence demands search engines attention is key to success. When it comes to SEO optimization, the Google search is still king.

Although Google’s algorithm changes continually, following its trends when it comes to search rankings is one way to maximize the potential of your site. Based on a variety of studies analyzing this year’s projected trends and trends so far, the top five most influential factors are: Read More

Goodbye to Google Trusted Stores: What It Means to eCommerce Business Owners Like You

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If you manage an eCommerce site certified by Google as a Google Trusted Store, you probably have already been informed that the program will be shut down and replaced with a customer feedback system.

Depending on your perspective, that could be good or bad. Many merchants who struggled to meet some of the more challenging requirements for Google Trusted Store status will likely be pleased. Among other customer-friendly conditions, Google Trusted Store merchants had to prove that: Read More

How Will AI Impact eCommerce? What’s Happening Now and On the Horizon

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Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous lately in virtually every industry you can name. Yet, using AI in customer service is where it can truly shine. It’s why AI in e-commerce is such a hot topic now and exciting a lot of online retailers.

What’s happening in this field is already amazing. What’s to come is even more eye-opening in attracting new customers, or helping existing ones.

Let’s take a look at how AI technology can help you understand customers better than you ever have, including more efficient sales processes. Read More

Top 5 Marketing / Entrepreneur Influencers To Pay Attention To

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This industry moves fast, very fast, and the only way to keep up with it, it’s simply to keep up. Following credible marketing influencers will help you stay informed on new trends, techniques, practices, ideas and solutions but will also help filter and qualify all the vast information circulating around the web, so you can just focus on what’s really relevant for you. Read More

7 e-Commerce Shipping Best Practices That Will Help Your Business Thrive

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The success of any e-commerce business hinges upon the ability to deliver orders as promised and to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. When shipping problems arise and threaten your ability to achieve these goals you need to respond swiftly. You also need to be proactive and assertive with your approach to shipping; this will also help you control costs. Below are 7 e-commerce shipping best practices to help you optimize revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Read More

8 Tips on SEO for Youtube

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Companies are reaching current and future customers by providing engaging video content that can be enjoyed from any device. YouTube, of course, is the online destination of choice with some 400 hours of footage being uploaded every minute. This means there are many people, both professional and amateur, vying for the top slot in the search results. Therefore, you need to stand apart from the competition: here are 8 SEO tricks to help you do that. Read More

Debunking 6 Conversion Rate Optimization Myths

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The techniques found in conversion rate optimization or CRO, certainly do provide value to organizations seeking to increase their presence on the web and interaction with site visitors.  However, as with any sales approach it is important to separate the hype from the core actions that will truly make a positive difference in your visitors and more importantly, real visitor engagement.  Listed below are five CRO myths that sometimes lead organizations astray.

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Why Regular SEO Audits Are a Must for Your eCommerce Site

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Is It Time for an SEO Audit?

A successful SEO strategy requires maintenance, much like a car, or for that matter, a relationship. Successful relationships (and cars) are built upon making sure all parts are working together smoothly. That’s why If you want to maintain your web presence and keep your site’s organic rankings intact it’s crucial you “check in” with an SEO audit (ideally) every six months.

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