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8 Valuable Metrics You May Not be Tracking (And Why You Should)

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Managing an e-commerce site involves planning and testing, defining on a regular basis what is working and what isn’t and then adjusting accordingly. Understanding and implementing the data received from web analytics is the tool in your toolbelt that will do just that, but with ever-increasing technology, the volume of available information can be overwhelming.

We’ve listed the 8 metrics we consider top of the heap in matter of relevance and importance in making those data-driven decisions–the ones that you may not be tracking. Read More

Considering Moving From Site Builder to SCA? 8 Things to Keep in Mind

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You’ve probably been wondering this for a while and trying to gather different experiences. You might have heard good things and bad things, the truth is that SCA is a solid and stable solution and we strongly recommend it. As a partner we’ve been exposed to all progress it’s been made and how Site Builder merchants faced this new environment.
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5 Must Read NetSuite Blog Posts for New SCA Developers

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At Tavano we have to keep-up with everything NetSuite SuiteCommerce related. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Developers portal is a major reference for our team to learn what’s going on with the SuiteCommerce platform, check for development best practices and to help guide the design of custom solutions built for our clients.

These are 5 articles of what I think are a must read for every new SCA developer and might come very handy even to seniors. Read More

5 Secret Weapons for Developing on SCA

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For a while now, and since SuiteCommerce Advanced has become more and more popular, we have been in contact with many developers that are just new to NetSuite and about to embark on building and extending SCA websites. In an attempt to contribute with these devs SuiteCommerce Advanced training I thought I could write a short post introducing tools that our development team use everyday to build awesome SCA online stores and hope that can be of some value to them. Read More