Best Posts from 2016

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As this new year starts to gear up, we wanted to share some of the best posts from 2016 which will still have an impact in 2017 and are worth reading (again) to refresh you memory and concepts in these 6 categories: Analytics, Email Marketing, CRO, NetSuite, SEO and Design. Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

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Large eCommerce sites like Amazon have taken over the retail space. For a smaller online retailer shipping is one hurdle to the perfect deal, but large eCommerce sites have unwittingly given smaller retailers plenty of lessons on how to ship effectively. We’ve collected five of those lessons. Read More

Enable Checkout As a Guest and Increase Conversions

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A Simple Setup That Can Increase Conversions.
It’s no secret that UX is vital for conversions, and filling out forms with sensitive information can cause a level of anxiety in customers that may lead them to abandon the checkout process entirely. With the goal of customer retention and conversion in mind, it might be time to start thinking about using the “Checkout as a Guest” option from NetSuite which, best of all, is an out of the box setting.  Read More

Time for a Website Redesign? Take These Into Consideration

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2016 just started and you may want to think about revamping that same old web design that you’ve had since, well, forever. Turn that website into something you are proud to show off, whether that is something more bold, or possibly something a bit more subtle. There are plenty of ways to rethink your company and be able to bring that vision alive through your website design. Read More