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Being on social media these days is a key factor in business growth. Billions of people are actively on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, so it makes sense that you take advantage of that. Let’s touch base on the top trending ways to use social media today.

1) Facebook Canvas

Are you looking for a better way to showcase your products? Maybe you’ve just had the urge to tell your story of trial and error, dreams to reality, or just your daily life as a business owner. Many of today’s top brand are using Facebook’s new business tool to fulfill their e-Commerce goals. With Canvas you can use videos, call-to-actions and more to promote yourself to the Facebook world. As Facebook it self describes it, “Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products.” You should see by yourself what Facebook Canvas app can do for your business.

canvas facebook


2) Advertise on Instagram

You’d be surprised to know consumers interact more with brands on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter combined. So of course they had to seize the opportunity to go well beyond the world of basic image advertisements. Curalate has released the Like2Buy feature for Instagram, allowing users to buy what they “like” directly through the app or to at least put items on a wish list.  



3) Embrace Twitter’s Buy Now Feature

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of an extra social media platform like Twitter to sell your products? When your followers click the Twitter “Buy” button, they will have access to product details and are prompted to put in they’re shipping and payment info which will then be sent to you to fulfill.


As you can see, implanting social media is one of the best tactics to take on in your business venture. So dive into the social media world and excel your e-commerce success.

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