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The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is frequently overlooked by website creators, which frequently leads to lost sales.

An FAQ page on your website may not be the most visited page, however,  these pages attract the exact people you want on your site, those who are interested in your product or services. So give them what they want (answers) and they’ll give you what you want (their business).

These FAQ page suggestions will help convert visitors into customers.

1. Answer real questions

Inventing questions just for the sake of answering them creates clutter and confusion. Use your customer service department, a feedback form on your website, or a targeted email campaign to anticipate questions. You can also look at your social media accounts to understand your customer’s needs.

2. Target organic traffic

A proven method for answering real questions and attracting your target audience is to target search traffic. Use targeted keywords and frequently asked questions from Google search to formulate and answer questions.

3. Be clear and concise

People want their questions answered as quickly as possible, so they can feel good about buying your product. Make your questions and answers clear and easy to understand. You may want to provide links to more in-depth posts, if a searcher desires more information–a how-to guide, for example.

4. Organize your FAQs

If you only have 5-10 FAQs, no problem. If you have a 5-10 categories of FAQs with numerous related questions, you’ll want to organize them. Try these suggestions:

  • Label questions with higher level category names and bunch them together.
  • Place questions together at the top of the page. Further down the page, repeat the question with the answer.
  • Place questions at the top of the page and link them to answers further down the page.
  • Place questions at the top of the page and provide the answers below the question once it’s clicked.
  • Provide a search box.

A correctly constructed FAQ page converts curious searchers into customers. The Tavano Team is a leading eCommerce agency with the goal of delivering the best-in-class shopping experiences for organizations in all industries and in all places. Find out how the Tavano Team can help your business reach its goals.


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