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So you are using Google Analytics for your eCommerce business but at the end of the day you realize you are gathering so much data and information that you find it hard to prioritize it, interpret it and to take real effective action?

This post brings 5 Google Analytics reports that help you track efficiencies around acquisition, behavior and website performance.

There are many more reports available, and even more basic ones that are not included here that can bring lots of value to your online business, but these are our picks for today.

1) Acquisition Overview Report

Knowing where your customers are coming from will allow you to plan your marketing initiatives as this report shows how many people are coming from organic search, direct, social, email campaigns and referred websites among other channels. Pulling behavior and conversions metrics into this report allows you understand the power of each channel and the impact on your business.




2) Device Efficiency Analysis Report (Custom Report)

Mobile traffic is gradually overtaking desktop, there’s nothing new about that. But you can actually measure how this trend is hurting your online business or understand the real impact in your shoppers experience and your website revenue.

Device Comparison Report - Google Analytics 2016-01-20 13-30-41-1

Download this Google Analytics Custom Report


3) Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report (Custom Report)

This report, created by Avinash Kaushik, shows a different angle from point 1 above, as it helps analysing your source channels by answering the following questions per source:

How many visits? What kind? Columns: Visits, Unique Visitors, New Visits.

How many engaged visits? Column: Engaged Visits , which is an actual Goal measuring visits which Avg Time on Site is more than x, or pages views is more than y.

Outcomes? Column: Goal Conversion Rate and Per Visit Goal Value

Cost? Column Cost (applicable when you have your Adwords account linked with your GA).


Download this Google Analytics Custom Report

4) Funnel Visualization Report

This report shows you the steps consumers took before converting while also displaying the number of exits through the process. Always a great visualization tool that helps you first understand how your visitors interact with your website and also quickly identify steps that need to be optimized.


5) Page Timing Diagnostic Report

Simple and quick, this report, identifies which pages are performing poorly and how they are impacting the user experience. You can prioritize your future website efforts by first identifying which pages need more attention. First compare each page avg. load time with avg. bounce rate – then prioritize by looking into the pageviews column to understand which are receiving more traffic.


Download This Google Analytics Custom Report

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