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Designers and developers are constantly looking for a new tool that will make their life a little easier. And if this tool is free, then it’s all for the better! There are tons of free tools for designers and devs out there, but we’ve picked out our favorite 6 and want to share them with you. Browse through the list below to see if you need to add any to your digital toolbox.


  • Trello is a board and card-based app, created by Frog Creek Software and acquired by Althassian early this year at $425M. Developed to decrease the complexity of managing many projects and tasks at the same time. It’s very accessible on the go, the layout makes it easy to see and organize your projects. It’s easy to invite clients or coworkers to join aboard. Plus, changes are saved in real-time, so everybody is constantly on the same page.
  • Features: easy to add attachments, due dates, labels, and comments, via email you can create new cards, or add attachments and comments, ability to add Power-Up interactions, accessible as a web app and for iOS and Android
  • Free, paid plans are also available starting at $9.99 a month



  • Sketchboard is a virtual whiteboard that goes on forever. Made for sketching and brainstorming, it was created by a software developer annoyed with the lack of communication simplicity when collaborating with teammates. Changes are saved in real-time.
  • Features: can create diagrams, mind maps, road maps, freehand sketches, add text or leave comments
  • Free, with paid plans available beginning at $7



  • Zeplin is an app made for design dropoffs, making sure that app and web developers are on the same page. It was created to fill in the gaps between designers and developers, making communication easier.
  • Features: allows you to keep specifications, style guides, and assets all in one place, one-click measurement conversions, export snippets, make and reply to comments easily.
  • Free, paid plans starting at $17 per month

Tools for Designers and Devs


  • InVision is a prototype app, made for product development. It can be seen in real-time, in-browser collaboration, presentation, and testing tools. This app bundles all your design and development jobs, making collaboration easier.
  • Features: upload designs and change them into interactive prototypes with a click, streamlines feedback and review processes, can create mood boards, design asset collections, and image galleries. You , and able to use with other apps, such as Trello, Slack, and Google Drive.
  • Free, paid plans starting at $15 per month.

invision-screenshot-Tools for Designers and Devs

Ghost Browser

  • Ghost Browser is a multi-session browser that allows you to login into one website, using multiple accounts at one time, on the same browser window. It is very similar to Google Chrome. Created to simplify your browsing experience, and increase your productivity.
  • Features: Allows you to color-code tabs into sessions that you can label and organize, imports your bookmarks and extensions from any other major web browser, and able to use with Mac or Windows.
  • Free, paid plans with increased features start at $15 a month

ghost browser Tools for Designers and Devs



  • Slack is a business messaging system that is basically a “virtual office.” Their goal is to decrease emails while increasing productivity.
  • Features: send direct messages, place calls, share files, ability to connect all your tools within the Slack app, can search the entire archive.
  • Free, with paid plans starting at $7 per month

Slack-Screenshot-Tools for Designers and Devs

So, will you add any of these to your toolbox? We already have!

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