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Today’s customer has more power than ever, and delivering a little something extra and providing your customer an experience is a difference-maker. The market is ultra-competitive and it takes more than a good product or service to earn buyers and to make those buyers customers. Product packaging is an example of that something extra that will deliver results. Here are 6 product packing tips that will satisfy your customers, and more importantly keep them coming back for more.

Think Outside of the Box – Literally

Creativity is essential, and instead of just using a standard box for packing a customer order, get creative. A cookie company may choose to have a box designed to look like a cookie or an order of envelopes could be delivered in a box that actually represents a giant envelope. Delivering the unexpected will put a smile on your customer’s face – that is delivering a product and an experience.

think outside the box


Small Gifts

Finding a gift along with their order is a definite way to make a memorable impression. Who doesn’t want something extra or free? Maybe overstock items or even a trinket gift can pay dividends down the road.

Colorize It

Getting an order in that basic brown box is fine, but it is more than ordinary. Picture an order of socks coming in a bright yellow or green box. Anything that can break up the normalcy of packaging can be effective, both in the surprise value and helping a customer remember who you are.

colorize it

Personalized Note

Customers expect to get their orders in one piece, safe and sound. What they might not expect is a personalized note attached to that box. A simple thank you, a message conveying your appreciation for their business or offering a special coupon will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

thank you note

Package Carefully

Along with the innovative and creative, the practical must have a place. Regardless of how exciting your package is, if the order inside is damaged then all is for not. There are few things more disappointing to a customer than to finally get that package only to have it followed by that unpleasant discovery.

Include Brochure or Product Catalog

In many cases it doesn’t matter what that something extra is, as long as it comes with the purchase. A brochure or product catalog can be a surprise that will actually pay for itself. The likelihood of a customer looking through that catalog is greater while the joy of getting that delivery is current and present.

Package smart, get creative and value your customers. Giving a customer that little something extra now will often result in your business getting more later.


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