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The world of e-commerce is an adventurous one. Learning the ropes of how to advertise and take to social media for your online success is quite a journey– one which led you to business wonderland of blogging. But as you’ve come to realize, there is much more to having a blog than creating top-notch marketing material.

The real success in blogging is born from the amount of traffic your content receives. If you happened to notice your number of views isn’t what you anticipated, don’t worry just yet.

Try out these 6 tactics to increase your blog traffic:

1) Stay Consistent: The more you post, the more attention your content will receive. Subscribers will be looking for fresh articles and new, intriguing posts. So keep your work in front of them by posting daily.

2) Share More than Once: If you believe one share will lead to the magic of a successful blog, you might want to rethink your current habit. Re-posting previous content is a great way for new eyes to come across your work.

3) Find New Purpose for Your Content: New topic, but same old format. This is one way to dull your viewers experience. Luckily there are numerous other ways to keep your viewers enticed so they don’t get tired of the everyday words you post. Explore the world of video marketing or create your first podcast. If you have exceeding knowledge on a particular topic which you find yourself repeatedly referencing, excite them by publishing an e-book!

4) Use Long-tail Keywords: Using short phrases is a good way to get lost amongst the many other bloggers posting on similar topics as you, but opting for several words or more with specificity will diminish the risk of your content going unnoticed. This also ensures the traffic you receive will be from your target audience rather than viewers who won’t become loyal followers.

5) Write Guest Posts: Know of any blogs relative to the topics you write about? Why not query to do some guest content for their site? By doing so, your work reaches the eyes of everyone who follows them. You not only get your name and your intelligence out there, but by adding links to your own blog content within your guest post, you lure their viewers to also become yours.

6) Post Normal Content: You might be the most convincing promoter when it comes to getting an audience to check out your blog, but if the only content you’re sharing is promotional, people are more likely to write you off. Embrace your normality and share someone else’s content and why it inspires you. Comment on other blogs with your opinions. This is a surefire way to get noticed without bombarding people with the same old posts.

So say goodbye to decreased views, low shares, and occasional comments and prepare yourself for more subscribers as well as ongoing recognition!


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