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A new SuiteCommerce version is about to be released with great new features. This new version is called Elbrus and should be released to the public in late March. Here’s a quick highlight of some of these new features that will be available with Elbrus.

Store Pick-Up

With Elbrus, merchants can choose this alternative order fulfillment option by allowing shoppers to select at checkout to pick their item(s) at the closest store.

Important Note: this feature requires Advanced Order Management module to be provisioned by NetSuite.

Quantity Pricing

A popular feature for B2B merchants, quantity pricing allows shoppers to get discounted pricing based on quantity ordered. For example, buy 1-5 @ $100, buy 6-10 @ $90, etc.

Quick Order

Also a B2B feature, Quick Order, provides shoppers with an easy and streamline ordering process by simply opening a quick order form and entering the sku# and quantities tob ordered without needing to browse the catalog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.05.13 AM

Single Domain for Shopping and Checkout

Improve checkout experience by enabling one single domain across shopping and checkout and enable SSL on a shopping domain.

Facets as URL Parameters

This new release allows merchants how URLs are generated based on SEO preference. Basically now these are the options available for faceted navigation URLs.

  • Configure all facets as part of the URL path (example: site.com/facet1/value1/facet2/value2/): This setup, which is the default one, increases the number of unique pages indexed by search engines and can have a negative impact on SEO (SEO page generator will index all URLs combinations, robots.txt will require manual update, sitemaps produced may be impacted due to large number of facet combinations, bots can reach your content through many different URLs)
  • Configure all facets as URL Parameters (example: site.com?facet1=value1&facet2=value2): In this case SEO page generator considers only the domain and set all facets as parameters.
  • Configure individual facets as either URL parameters or part of the path.

Product Detail Page Refactor

The architecture of the Product Detail Page (PDP) is now designed to allow for quicker interactions and return information from server quicker and more efficiently. Among other benefits, this refactor will allow for better performance, faster image loading, quicker message feedback for users errors, easier configuration, enhanced mobile experience and readable URLs.

Important note: migrating to Elbrus will require a code refactor on the PDP page.

Extending Custom Fields Support

With Elbrus all these custom fields are supported:

  • Custom Item Fields – Add custom item field data associated with an item. These fields can render in the PDP, Checkout, and My Account.
  • Custom Transaction Body Fields – Add custom fields to the body of a web store transaction (order as a whole). These fields can render in Checkout and My Account.
  • Custom Transaction Column Fields – Add a custom field that applies to a transaction line (one line item within an order). These fields can render in the PDP, Cart, Checkout, and My Account.
  • Custom Transaction Item Options – Add a custom field that applies to a transaction line (one line item within an order). These fields can render in the PDP, Cart, Checkout, and My Account.

Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported

Released in 2009, it makes sense to stop supporting this version given that latest IE released version is IE 11 and that IE has been discontinued since 2015.

SuiteCommerce Configuration Updates

The SuiteCommerce Configuration record has been updated with added fields and edited preferences.

Migration to Elbrus

Migration should be relatively straight forward with the exception of the product detail page, which as indicated previously, the page architecture has been re-designed, requiring a code refactor for upgrading version. This will be only one-time and it’s worth it as it has many benefits associated with it.

Ask our team if you have any questions about migrating to Elbrus or want to learn more about its capabilities.




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