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Content marketing budgets are increasing year over year. We want to help you succeed on putting your content marketing strategy together and overcome its challenges by being effective while at it spending only the right amount of time and resources.

Let’s face it, content marketing looks like the ideal marketing strategy you want to add to your company, but it is a real challenge to put in place! It’s even harder for small businesses where there’s no budget allocated and no man hours to do this high time consuming job. No matter how we see it, truth is, content marketing is here to stay and it delivers, if done well, great value to your audience generating engagement and building confidence in your brand.

According to a recent research (sponsored by digital marketing software TrackMaven) 88% of B2B marketers, and 76% of B2C marketers, report using content strategy as part of their marketing strategy.

A few months ago I read a blog post titled “9 tips to efficiently run an ecommerce content team of one” and thought this might help you to get your feet wet with content marketing, or for those companies who already run content marketing campaigns, help find an efficient framework.

Post touches on:

  • Get buy-in from decision makers
  • Set clear goals
  • Develop a content strategy and calendar
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Foster a content culture within your organization
  • Know your limits
  • And more… read full post

Finally, to add to the blog post link above, I would like to share a tool that we don’t use here at Tavano but I find that will help you making your content process more efficient, which is the paid version of scoop.it – the Content Director. Like any good tool out there, what’s good about using (or even learning about) these type of tools is that it necessarily takes you to a step-based process for generating and distributing your content, and just by following the steps, it makes you become more efficient.

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