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Another big retail holiday is about to come. Here are 3 email campaigns that will help you make as much as you can from it. Get ready for Father’s Day on June 19th.

These 3 ideas follow a similar pattern to our Mother’s Day suggestions over a month ago:

1) The “Remember” Email:
Aren’t we all pretty busy these days? We even dare leave procrastination for tomorrow. There’s no harm in reminding that Father’s Day is around the corner. Your customers will appreciate the heads up. Don’t forget to include the holiday date for it’s a different one every year. Offer a preview of your products and try to be relevant.

Tip: You can offer free shipping options for early birds. Free shipping is one of the important options on the checkout process.

2) The “Solve a problem” Email:
Closer to the date, keep it simple and straight to the point. Don’t offer everything you got to your customers, pre-select the items for them. Be as relevant as you can and don’t forget to leverage your list segments for these curated emails. Grouping different “types of Dad” for your curated emails it’s nothing new, but it can be very effective.

For example:

  • The Music Dad
  • The Outdoors Dad
  • The Tech Dad
  • The Athletic Dad

Tip: This Father’s Day opens the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (June 20th, summer solstice). Take advantage of the time of the year and introduce new summer items or clear sales for spring ones.



3) The “Got your back” Email:
It’s great for your customers to know you are there to help them out in the good and the bad. Address those customers who have forgotten to get something for dad or those that who fall into the “last minute panic” shopping spree.

Tip: Offer products that can easily be shipped overnight or just it time.


In an effort to help you succeed on 2016 holidays campaign planning, download the US eCommerce Calendar for 2016.


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