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Holidays represent a unique opportunity for eCommerce vendors to showcase and sell their products. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to decide on a holiday strategy that will drive customer traffic and boost sales. According to Statistics Brain 28.5% of Mother´s Day gifts are bought online. Here are the 3 emails you need to create now to prepare for May 8th.

1) Holiday Reminder Email: A few weeks before the holiday, send out a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up. Include the date, as it changes every year. Your customers — and their mothers — will appreciate the hint. Be sure to include bold spring-like visuals and links to appropriate product pages.
Tip: Personalize the subject line. You’ll fairly increase the chances your customer will open the email, like the following:

  • Remember Mom on Mother’s Day, May 8
  • To Mom, With Love
  • Make Mom smile 🙂
  • Mother´s Day top 15 gifts – May 8

2) Curated Gift Guide Email: Like everyone else, your customers are busy people. Chances are, if they don’t have time to search for the perfect gift, they will buy a card and call it a day. Emphasize that you can help make Mom’s day special with a curated gift guide. Offer a page for gifts on a budget, for the gardener, for the foodie, or whatever you do best — but keep it simple.
Tip: Capture the attention of your audience by incorporating clean, uncluttered images of each product you feature.


3) Last Minute Nudge Email: The last week of sales before a holiday brings the days with the highest revenue. Encourage this trend by creating a sense of urgency. Send an email that reminds your customer base they have a certain number of days (or hours) to order if they want the gift to arrive on time. Offer limited time free shipping or a free gift with purchase to entice your consumers.
Tip: Include a mention of an additional sale or promotion in the subject line to pique customer interest.


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