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The techniques found in conversion rate optimization or CRO, certainly do provide value to organizations seeking to increase their presence on the web and interaction with site visitors.  However, as with any sales approach it is important to separate the hype from the core actions that will truly make a positive difference in your visitors and more importantly, real visitor engagement.  Listed below are five CRO myths that sometimes lead organizations astray.

Myth 1 – Just use the “perfect” color scheme.

Take a look around at some of the most popular websites.  Are they all using the same color scheme?  No!  Popular websites come in all colors and themes, so there is no perfect blend of colors that will guarantee increased traffic to your site.  Of course a website should be pleasing to the eye, well-organized and easy to navigate, but there are countless ways of accomplishing this.  

Red vs. Green call-to-actions

Although these things are important, it is offering your visitors a really great product or service and service after the sale that will keep your customers coming back for more.


Myth 2 – Users don’t read or scroll.

This myth assumes that internet users are only interested in superficial eye-catching “flash” rather than real content.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Long copy does work if you use it to provide real substance to the visitor rather than stringing them along to click page after page until finally “treating” them to a solid nugget of information.  Users will read and they will scroll if you have something of real value to offer them.


Myth 3 – Your conversion rate is the only metric that counts.

While it certainly is encouraging to see large numbers of users coming to your site, it is only the starting point.  Do they come back?  Are you building a long-term relationship with them?  Are they truly happy with your product or service?  Ultimately what’s more important is how many visitors were happy about interacting with your site, because they will most likely return for repeat business and tell their friends about you as well.  This is one area where surveys can help you determine how satisfied they were with their overall experience.


Myth 4 – Poor CRO stats?  Finding solutions takes guesswork.

Intuition or hunches might work for other scenarios, but playing a guessing game as to why your CRO stats are decreasing does not work well.  You need real feedback in the forms of testing and surveys to determine what is working for your visitors and what isn’t.

A/B Testing


Myth 5 – Want success? Copy someone else’s site.

There is a mistaken belief that what works for other sites will work for you. Even if it is a direct competitor, there are many factors that can influence success. Merely copying the look and feel of another site without adding any compelling original content will leave you worse off than before.


Myth 6 – A/B testing = CRO

Split testing is a component of CRO, as it can indeed help you find and fix leaky funnels; however, a mature CRO campaign also includes looking at the big picture. Is the overall messaging and branding effective? Is there enough value in the product? Is the price point working?

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