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Gamification is everywhere. And it makes total sense! We all enjoy games, so why not incorporate them into our marketing strategies?

With that said, gamification is clearly not a new phenomenon. But the booming growth of eCommerce in the past few years paved the way for the rebirth of Gamification in the digital realm. But first, let’s make a quick recap, shall we?

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and mechanics to non-game environments. It improves user engagement, business productivity, and sales increases. When applied in marketing, it aims to generate affinity with the brand.

Games help simplify the customer journey, helping merchants engage directly with their shoppers and with the valuable data they are leaving behind on their websites. 

The best part about gamification is that you can apply it on different levels. So you can go as far as you want—and your resources will let you. Let’s see four different levels on which you can use gamification to grow your SuiteCommerce business.

1. Run a simple contest or promo in your website

This one is straightforward and very easy to execute. Just ask shoppers to fill in a form, and in exchange for their contact information, you offer them a discount, a voucher, or a free item. It’s a piece of cake! No major investment is needed, and you don’t need months of preparation, either. 

Not only does this increase customer engagement and retention on your website, but also by acquiring consumer information, you increase your chances of selling and upselling.

Giveaways, to some merchants, may be seen as a negative cash strategy. But with your shoppers’ contact information, you immediately can market future sales within a targeted email marketing strategy.

2. Encourage customer interaction 

You can go one step further and create a custom game on your platform. The level of complexity is entirely up to you. It can be a simple quiz, a “spin the wheel” type game, an interaction on social media, or a full-on custom-designed interactive online game.

Whatever you do, make sure that you make it entertaining, light, and fun. Work on your copy to make sure shoppers will engage!

Shoppers will then be able to earn rewards, collect points (which they could exchange for other benefits), or win prizes.

3. Offer Customers Incentives to Return

Multi-tiered loyalty programs are one of the most effective forms of gamification, probably because the incentives are often too enticing for consumers to turn down.

This level is a combination of the previous two, and what’s interesting about working on many levels is that you determine the limits. In other words, the game will go as far as you want it to go.

If you motivate shoppers to continue playing, leveling up, and improving their score, rest assured they’ll keep coming back to your store. Make shoppers a direct component of your business!

4. Build a community

Finally, for the most complex level of the gamification strategies, you can amp up competitiveness and keep a scoreboard (or leaderboard)! Shoppers will be kept motivated to climb up the rewards ladder for bigger and better benefits.

Whether they compete against each other or together as a community, you’ll be creating an opportunity for shoppers to build a rapport with your brand.

If you want to learn more about gamification and how it can transform your business, send us a message and let’s talk!

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