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The Holiday Season is upon us! We all know that it’s the most active and most competitive time of the year for retailers. This is not new.

We assume that your marketing strategies are ready and up and running. At the same time, we want you to be fully prepared for what’s coming so we laid out five very simple -yet very effective- marketing tactics that you still have time to develop.

Before we start, we want to see the full scope of what this year will bring. Let’s review the numbers and projections for the 2019 Holiday Season, shall we?:

  • It’s projected that US shoppers will spend a total of $143.8 billion in eCommerce businesses only.
  • 34% of shoppers say they plan to spend more than they did last year and 36% plan to spend more online, according to research by Qriously.
  • Retailers that offer Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) will see 28% higher revenue share during the final week of the holiday season, compared to stores that don’t offer it. 
  • BOPIS will be so crucial, in fact, that retailers with click-and-collect will attract 48% more active digital shoppers to their sites in the last five days before December 25 versus those that don’t. 
  • An impressive 68% of shoppers say they pay more attention to companies’ emails during the holidays.
  • 20% of shoppers say Instagram will be their preferred source of holiday shopping inspiration.
  • 70% of digital visits will come from a mobile device, with peak days closer to 75%.
  • 47% percent of shoppers go so far as saying they’ll only buy items on sale this holiday. 
  • 50% of consumers prefer to shop on a mobile device, even when there is a desktop or laptop available.
  • Shoppers make smaller purchases on mobile. On average, carts created on desktop are 28% more expensive than those created on mobile.
  • Shoppers also say sales or promo codes are the #1 factor influencing their holiday purchases.

It goes without saying that this holiday season will be huge, and it’s important to highlight that shoppers are more and more comfortable with the idea of shopping online. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can pull out of your sleeve at the last minute to get an advantage over your competition.

1. Make a video!

Shoppers are more stimulated by visual content and in this particular time of the year you need to create content that can be easily digested. 

Create part of your marketing campaign on video. It doesn’t need to be a huge production or even a long video. Just a few seconds can do wonders for your marketing campaign. A well prepared live video can work just as well!

The holidays are a great moment to get closer to your shoppers and people like to see things in motion. Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will be your allies in making short, engaging and shareable videos on social media. 

2. The Power of Mobile 

The numbers don’t lie, and if you paid attention to the statistics we showed above, it is THE time to focus on mobile. Shoppers spend more and more time on their mobile phones, so it only makes sense to target them directly at the source. 

It’s time to venture into creative digital campaigns. Traditional marketing still works, sure, but when you need the highest impact on a short amount of time, digital is the way to go. And mobile is the perfect channel for this. 

3. Still, don’t forget about email marketing!

We’re all guilty of ignoring promotional emails during most of the year, but the holidays change everything. People value easy access to promotions as well as gift ideas and your email campaigns come to serve them on a silver platter. 

Pro tip: Use simple copy in your campaigns. Many people will be browsing quickly through their promotions tab for quick gift ideas, promotional offers or discounts.

4. Think Omnichannel

This point encompasses all of the previous points, but we can’t stress this enough: Make good use of the marketing tools that you have at hand. 

Omni-channel marketing means giving your customers a consistent and cohesive shopper experience over multiple marketing channels. You have to make an impact on shoppers in the store, with emails, on social media or on their mobile devices.

Don’t overthink it though. You don’t have to create original content for every single one of your channels. Create one big marketing campaign and adapt it to the different channels so it doesn’t seem repetitive. 

You don’t need a big budget, either. Be creative! Make sure that the message is personal, appropriate and relevant to your customers.

5. Start Webrooming

A webroom is the opposite of a showroom. Shoppers are using websites as a digital catalog to browse before they go to the brick and mortar store to purchase.

The concept of webrooming is thriving thanks to the surge in BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) transactions. About 37% of shoppers this season are planning to use BOPIS.

Essentially, shoppers research their products online and go to the store knowing exactly what they want, saving a lot of time. Use your website to offer exclusive offers or promotions for online purchases.

If you’re on SuiteCommerce Advanced, you can use some of the merchandising features that NetSuite offers to make the most of this holiday season. This is the perfect opportunity!

In conclusion

Whether your holiday marketing campaign is strong and in full swing, or if you’re a little behind and trying to catch up, these tips and tricks will definitely come in handy to give your shoppers the best experience you can offer. 

If you want to maximize the potential of your Holiday Season marketing campaign, we can help you. Contact us today!

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