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The holiday season is fast approaching. And preparing your eCommerce to gain customer loyalty at this moment is critical. In part 1, we discussed what you need to cover before launching any discount offers or coupon codes. We will now cover some of the most valuable types of offers to push out to your followers and clients.
This holiday season, set amid the backdrop of a pandemic-driven consumer economy, will see an unprecedented shift to eCommerce. The best thing about the change to online shopping is that peak shopping seasons are longer every time!
According to Adobe, 75% of ALL retailers offer discounts before Black Friday, and many major retailers are reinventing Black Friday deals to last weeks!  This is an excellent opportunity for your eCommerce business to thrive on those discounts and offers. Read on!

1. Customer Acquisition

Coupons and discount codes give you multiple ways to attract and acquire new customers. Tap into your current customer base with referral offers such as “buy one – get one free” opportunities.

Your best advertisement is a happy customer base. Use coupons to get them to spread the love to their friends. Alternatively, create a “first-time shopper” offer to entice a customer to follow through to complete that first purchase that all eCommerce businesses crave.

2. Grow your fan base

Another way to use coupon codes is to increase your following across social media and grow your email list. Provide a coupon code after someone takes a desired action, such as subscribing to an email list or sharing your posts on their Instagram stories.

Now you have a larger reach across your marketing channels, and you’re giving your new followers incentive to purchase from you!

3. Feedback

Coupons can provide the leverage you need to receive customer feedback. Provide discount codes after a short survey to measure your performance, reward your current customers, or ask your customers to leave product feedback on your website or social media in exchange for a discount code!

4. Exclusivity

If anybody can get a deal, your loyal customer base might start to feel resentful. Make them feel like VIPs with special discounts only available to them as a loyal shopper.

5. Freebies

Sometimes people need a little help to get over the edge of their first purchase with you or their first purchase of a new product. Help them take that step with a free sample so they can see that the proof is in the pudding!

When used properly, discounts and offers are valuable tools that can help you get stronger customer loyalty and increased revenue. If you’re looking for help using discount codes and coupons, contact us today.

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