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Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous lately in virtually every industry you can name. Yet, using AI in customer service is where it can truly shine. It’s why AI in e-commerce is such a hot topic now and exciting a lot of online retailers.

What’s happening in this field is already amazing. What’s to come is even more eye-opening in attracting new customers, or helping existing ones.

Let’s take a look at how AI technology can help you understand customers better than you ever have, including more efficient sales processes.

Becoming Personal Shopping Assistants

The greatest aspect to AI is its ability to bring machine learning to your e-commerce platform. As it works with customers, it gradually learns what they like, their buying habits, and other subtle traits. It can become so detailed, it becomes a little spooky in how much AI understands.

This is why you’re seeing e-commerce businesses use digital shopping assistants. AI can play the role of a shopping consultant and make recommendations based on cumulative data.

It’s worth looking at what other businesses already do with AI assistants. Taco Bell is just one example through their facetious “TacoBot”, which works incredibly like a real person in guiding a taco sale.


More Personalized Shopping Experiences

Since AI programs can know virtually anything about a customer, it’s going to make it far easier to personalize marketing and site content. As Forbes notes, a lot of this hinges on predictive intelligence, meaning AI can know what people want before they know they want it.

For targeting a specific demographic, this works better than doing the research yourself. With so much consumer data out there, AI can sweep it up and put it to good use. As a result, you’ll be able to find the target customers you’ve longed to find.

Conversational E-Commerce

You’re seeing more AI tools allowing consumers to converse with shopping assistants rather than communicate by typing. As we’re already seeing with Amazon’s Alexa, being able to do online actions with an intelligently conversing bot is here to stay.

Now you’re seeing various conversational e-commerce tools like Mona starting to corner the marketplace. As a mobile shopping assistant, Mona knows everything about a customer while providing immersive experiences in-store, or out.

What’s to Come in E-Commerce AI

The above is just a taste of the impact AI is going to make on the e-commerce industry. Now we can look forward to further developments like advanced visual shopping searches, or more efficient sales queries.

AI assistants may sound more human and start asking YOU questions about what you want while shopping online. When adding AI to your CRM software, it helps you gain better metrics on understanding what your customers truly need in their lives.



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