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Creating a sense of urgency is known to be one of the main factors helping increase conversions. Creating a sense of scarcity delivers the same effect upon shoppers. So how are you matching your shoppers internal urgency and are you creating external incentives?


Free shipping today only. Coupons with expiration dates. These are both examples of how online stores create a sense of urgency. Shoppers don’t want to miss out on the deal so they act quickly. Here’s a few tricks you can employ to create a sense of urgency:

Pick a deadline – Limited time offer. Tell your customers that the sale will end, there is a sign-up deadline or that orders must be placed within a certain timeframe.

Wording – Use words like “now”, “hurry”, “instant”, “today”  and “immediately” whenever possible.

Colors It’s been proven that the colors red, orange and yellow incite a more immediate response from consumers. For the perfect example we need look no further than the way McDonald’s has employed these colors in its marketing!

Countdown timer – If applicable clearly display a countdown timer to help increase the sense of urgency.


When a consumer feels that an item is running out or flying off the shelves, they act more quickly. Here’s a few ways you can create a sense of scarcity:

Make it exclusive – Put a limit on what you accept. Indicate that you are only accepting a limit number of entries, or customers each month – what does it matter if you overpass the limit, as long as you put a limit on your acceptance rate you are helping create a sense of scarcity.

Quantity available in stock – Do you only have two spots left for your conference? Display that info on your site. Are you down to you last 10 cases of product? Again, display that info. Doing so creates a sense of scarcity, which encourages a quicker response from your customers.

Employing these simple strategies to create urgency and scarcity for your customers will result in major improvements in conversions for your website.

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