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Remember that Zoolander movie scene, where Mugatu brainwashes Derek Zoolander so that he could kill the Malaysian Prime Minister?

The movie villains influence our hero with the famous: “Derek, do not get distracted by the beautiful celebrities.”

The main goal would be compromised if he didn’t focus on his primary target.  Distractions would drive him away from the kill. Or, in your case, conversions in your NetSuite business.

You need to lose EVERY nice, shiny, cool, bold, serious, minimalistic, intelligent and whatever button, link, image, video, hover effect, menu and copy, if it doesn’t help the prospect “glide” through your funnel with as least obstacles as possible to reach a conversion.

A pragmatic approach, if you find yourself in doubt about including an element to your site or not, don’t.

The user’s attention is one, and you don’t want it to distract from the action they should complete.

No matter what page of your eCommerce site we are talking about, you should stop including “what looks good” or the “best practices” and start thinking in terms of “what works” and “tested practices.” I know it is hard without a proper A/B testing and optimization plan, so if you haven’t started yet, you should have.

In the following example, you will understand how easy it is to miss the obvious:

Distractions are conversion killers. Period.

The Rule of ONE

Your landing page must have a clear purpose, one specific goal. If it’s not clear for you, it will not be apparent to your prospects, so think about what you are trying to achieve and execute it in the most straightforward way. Pages with multiple CTAs and lots of product offers can lead to confusion, frustration, and abandonment.

This Rule of ONE refers to:

  • ONE Purpose
  • ONE CTA (call to action)
  • ONE Point of Focus


Having one clear purpose will make it easier for prospects browsing your site and for you. You can create content focusing on that purpose only. Make sure your headline and value proposition addresses the page purpose.


Simple, single, relevant, and clear CTA is your only option. Trust me. Don’t add share buttons, event registrations, or newsletter sign-ups if this is not the page’s purpose. Don’t be afraid of cutting off any unnecessary, distractive secondary conversion killers CTAs. Imagine a product page with lots of social media and friend shares and no sales. FAIL.

Point of Focus

Here is where design meets strategy and where through visual dominance, your web page design can guide your visitor to your objective. Streamline the design to make Derek not get distracted by beautiful celebrities.


Distractions are not the number of elements on the page. Distraction is an element that shouldn’t be there. So having 3 or 5 testimonials can help rather than distract. Above all, use your common sense, although we all know it’s the least common of senses.

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