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It’s absolutely impossible to keep up-to date with every platform, tool, trend, best practice, or recommendation revolving around your ecommerce business. It’s just too much, and most of it is not for your business, even if it seemed so at a first glance.

Although the above paragraph, there are some concepts or directions eCommerce is taking (INEVITABLY) which you need to focus and plan to adopt them and further optimise them.

Here are some of what we think are the top ones – ignore them at your own risk!

   1. Make it more personal, make it unique!

Retailers know that connecting with their customers on a first name basis increases loyalty, but with more data and analytics tools available, the opportunity to create unique experiences for every user is now possible. This includes everything from changing font size to featured recommendations and rewards programs. It also means to display personalized messages or personalized offers. Use your imagination, research and execute. Then test and fix… repeat!

Chatbot technology will have a big impact on personalization, as Chatbots are getting more close… and personal.


   2. Video is king in Content World

s bandwidth increases along with mobile use, more video is being created or sponsored by companies who have consumers’ attention: Animoto states people who view videos are 1.81X more likely to purchase an item than non-viewers. If you haven’t set up a video strategy, it’s time to do so in 2017.


   3. Increased customization opportunities.

The rise of print-on-demand of both 2D and 3D products are allowing people to add or change options like never before. Look for more options in your products that can be manipulated or selected by the shopper, which increases overall satisfaction.

   4. Everything, but faster.

Pushed by Amazon, smaller companies are looking for ways to deliver goods the same day, if not immediately. While package delivery by drone is not yet legal, this could change under the new president.

5. Payment Solutions (f.k.a Payment Methods)

As the world gets more complicated, the trend for online shopping is to become simpler and personal. Easier payment systems that don’t involve shopping carts or inputting credit cards (such as Apple Pay) will continue to expand the use of mobile. Because of this, websites will begin to design for the mobile experience first, with less clutter.

Financial solutions for your customers which allows them to purchase with from you with monthly installments, is a practice we are seeing on the rise, and with excellent results. Check out Affirm.com to learn more about these solution, you can check out RSTBrands and check it out… (and maybe find your next patio furniture 🙂 )


There you have it! Integrate these new concepts into your 2017 e-Commerce strategy and you are bound to see success! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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