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Google Alerts provides you with the ability to monitor new web content on any given topic. You can use it to help grow your business by monitoring trends in your niche, finding mentions of your company, and keeping an eye on the competition.

Monitoring Trends

You can utilize Google Alerts for your business advantage by monitoring terms that directly relate to your niche. For example, if your eCommerce website sells watches, you can set your alerts to notify you any time Google finds new content with the term ‘wooden watches’. You could receive email notifications of, for example, new blog posts featuring the Top 5 Websites to Buy Wooden Watches or 10 Best Wooden Watches on the Market. Monitoring via Google Alerts will keep you up-to-date with current trends, and which aspects of your niche are getting the most, or least, attention.

Company Mentions

Keeping tabs on the popularity of your brand, as well as any negative associations, will ensure that you are aware of your most positively perceived business aspects and that you have the knowledge you need to improve in other areas. After all, you can’t fix something you don’t know is broken, and you can’t expand on your best qualities without the knowledge public opinion. Utilizing Google Alerts for mentions of your company will make it easier for you to keep tabs on the public opinion of your brand. Furthermore, finding content that mentions your company means that you could have a chance to respond to customers and further improve your company image.

Competitor Analysis

Just as you would keep tabs on your company brand, you can use Google Alerts to watch the competition. Receive notifications any time Google finds new content that mentions competing companies by using their company name as your alert term. Find out what they’re doing well, and what their negative associations are.

Google Alerts can be useful in many ways. Get the most out of your alerts through the strategic planning of relevant keywords. Contact us for more information on how to use Google Alerts to gain competitive advantage and help grow your business.