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The World Wide Web offers businesses of all kinds to showcase their products and services within a global marketplace. We all use the web to search and purchase products and services, and we take time to consider who we ultimately choose to be our providers, but what drives our purchasing behaviors from a visual perspective? Read on for some answers…

Lookin' Good

From a user experience perspective, a successful ecommerce site needs to load quickly, have good quality content that is easily consumable, and of course, it needs to look great. Consistent page navigation and elegant design are big in determining how well your site flows, but often, site owners and managers neglect the important task of presenting their products in an attractive and intuitive manner.


Pieces Of The Puzzle

Your product display is an extremely important part in the overall success of your site. Users need to be able to quickly locate and view the details of your products, and if they can’t, sales will suffer. Read our blog post on the importance of image optimization.

Try keeping these things in mind when designing your product pages:

1. Clear images of your products are a must. Make sure that you incorporate detailed full color images that are properly optimized for quick load times across a variety of devices, including mobile.


2. Thumbnails must open to a larger version of your product images. Customers want to see what they are purchasing. Amazon has created the perfect layout for ecommerce sites of all types. Make sure that you are providing users with small and large versions of the product shots you provide within your site.


3. Angles and components are important. If your products contain color variances, different components, and has important details that are only visible from specific angles, you need to include images of these things within your galleries.


4. Allow users to move between and close specific images easily. Again, Amazon offers really great examples of the type of options your users are going to want when viewing your products, and you should look to leaders in the ecommerce space for inspiration.

Stay Consistent

There is both art and science involved in creating the perfect image galleries for pages within your site. Make sure that you stay consistent in your design approach, and always monitor user behaviors when possible.

One of the greatest options the web offers businesses selling products is the ability to change and evolve, with some work and dedication, you’ll begin to achieve the success you desire online. Contact us to talk more about the different ways that we can help you improve your store.