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Is It Time for an SEO Audit?

A successful SEO strategy requires maintenance, much like a car, or for that matter, a relationship. Successful relationships (and cars) are built upon making sure all parts are working together smoothly. That’s why If you want to maintain your web presence and keep your site’s organic rankings intact it’s crucial you “check in” with an SEO audit (ideally) every six months.

SEO audits are an essential but often neglected part of an SEO strategy. A site that is not being regularly optimized for search will be missing out on valuable organic traffic. Here are some important elements of an SEO audit:

1. Fix errors.

There are many reasons you can have errors on your site, from Google Algorithms changes and updates, changes in Google Webmaster guidelines, broken links, outdated content, indexability errors, and more.

Identifying and fixing site errors will improve crawlability as well as consumer confidence, resulting in higher pagerank.



2. Follow new rules.

The rules of SEO are constantly changing. In order for your marketing strategy to stay compliant, it’s imperative to keep up to date when search engines change their algorithms, or when, for example, Google updates their webmaster guidelines.


Checkout this Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors from Search Engine Land

3. Discover what’s working and what isn’t

The whole point of SEO is to direct traffic to your site and boost conversions. An audit allows you to discover what content is actually driving the most traffic (and what content is just taking up empty space). An audit can also tell you who is linking to your site, and if there are any toxic links impeding your rankings. Because of this, cleaning up your link profile is a great way to boost search results.

4. Give yourself a better grasp on SEO benefits and best practices

Building a more in-depth understanding of the components of a well-functioning SEO strategy will not only help you feel more engaged with the process, it will also help you improve upon the system you already have in place.

The twice a year audit and site analysis metrics are great tools to help you see the steps you need to take for better results and better ROI.

How to perform a SEO Audit.

I´m going to share a guideline on how we perform SEO Audits for our customers:

  1. Overview: An easy way to understand and summarize your entire site including overall recommendations. We look deep into Indexed pages, landing pages, brand search and branded terms, we make a Google´s Cache Check and we segment mobile search for brand and key landing pages.
  2. On-Page Optimization: We grab the most important pages and check content against primary keywords and variations like Title Tags, Pages titles and Meta Descriptions, heading tags, images texts and alt text, optimized and descriptive urls.
  3. Content: Checking and updating your content is a must. Check for your Homepage content, for your top organic landing pages, its formatting and search for any duplicate content.
  4. Accessibility & Indexation: Do you have any Robots.txt in place? What about your XML sitemap?
  5. Site Architecture and Internal Linking: How´s your site structured, are there any dead ends or broken links?
  6. Technical Issues: We also check you are using your 301s properly, we go into Google Webmasters Tools and identify any errors, test your sitespeed and the correct setting for your Rel Canonicals.
  7. Mobile: Duh!
  8. Analytics: Is every page tracked correctly, filter your internal IP addresses and identify any event tracking
  9. Off-Page: Last but not least we check your page and domain authority, your social media profiles, backend analysis and we do a competitors analysis.

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Take action and audit your site, you will be surprised on how much can be fixed to enhance your overall online business performance.


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