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Built For B2B Ecommerce

Business-to-business eCommerce that integrates deeply with your NetSuite system for seamless scalability.

With B2B Power Features

Corporate Account Management

From My Account, shoppers can see transactions history, quotes, credit limits, open balances, and make online payments.

Access Controls & Permissions

Set access rules to different customers groups to access and see different products and pricing.

Multiple Websites

Build and manage multiple microsites from the same NetSuite account.

Intuitive Search & Navigation

Help shoppers find products easier and faster through filter search navigation and auto-suggest search results.

On The Go

Allow shoppers and your mobile sales force to access product catalog and ordering from any mobile device.

Easy Reorder

Repeated shoppers can access order history and reorder with one click of a button.

Smart Upselling

Based on user session and transactions history, present to shopper relevant product offers such as customers who bought X also bought Y, or recently viewed items.

Quick Ordering

Fast ordering with a quick order form where shoppers only type SKU number and quantity, and then add to cart skipping catalog browsing steps.

Volume Pricing Discounts

Set multiple discount rules, including different price tiers based on quantity ordered.

B2B Financials

Give shoppers visibility on their POs, quotes and credit limits while managing allowed payment methods and associated terms.

Quotes & Price Negotiation

Negotiate quotes and pricing with customers while giving them full quote progress visibility through their My Account portal.

Inventory Visibility

Set rules of how you want to display your product stock levels so shoppers can place orders knowing you will be able to fulfill the order on time.