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AOV (Average Order Value) is an important metric retailers need to constantly keep an eye on; essentially it’s how much money a customer spends each time they place an order. The goal, of course, is to make it go up! Here are a few good ideas to keep your shopper engaged and adding to their shopping cart.

1. Related items

Don’t just sell them the one item, list all the accessories that are likely available for it . For example, batteries or cables that are needed and not included.

2. Correlated items

Items indirectly related or similar may intrigue your customer. These can be as simple as “customers who bought x also bought” or involve more intelligent algorithms using your user data. Either way, show them something else they might like and they may take you up on it.

#1 related items

 3. Recently viewed items

Instead of them having to hit their browser history or back button, keep their recent history on the current page. They may have forgotten what they originally set out to find on your website!

#2_recently viewed items

 4. Sell it in a combination or bundle

Tempt your customer with a kit of related items that when purchased together come at a significant discount. Works with everything from hardware to software, clothing to equipment.

#3 Kit Items

 5. Mark down for bulk orders

Get customers to stock up now with quantity pricing offering a mark down for larger orders.

#4 qtypricing

 6. Start a loyalty program

Keep them coming back for more with reward points they get for spending, referring a friend or sharing on social media, as well as offers they can’t find anywhere else. Last SuiteWorld I was impressed with the Clutch solution which seems to integrate well with NetSuite.

7. Subscriptions

We love subscription model and we covered it on “How Subscription Business Models Increase Customer Lifetime Values”.  Consumable items such as vitamins or toothpaste can be sold on a recurring basis, but get creative! As order frequency increases a higher discount is applied to the shopper.

#5 Subscriptions

 8. Give them free shipping

According to UPS, 61% of shoppers abandon their purchases if they have to pay shipping fees. If you can’t offer it without cutting into the bottom line, set a minimum purchase amount for it to kick in.

9. Save for later

Available in SuiteCommerce Advanced, a portlet containing previously saved for later items is displayed right below the shopping cart table as a reminder for shoppers before checking out.

What do you think? Are there any tips we’ve left off? Let us know below.

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