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Websites up and running on NetSuite in the speed of light at a fraction of the cost. Themes Express includes a complete set of Site Builder compatible templates and layouts.

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A simple yet stylish theme that goes right to the point. The full width banner slider enhances your product images and the four column product layout allows you to show product options right on the home page. This is the ideal theme for a website carrying few but visually powerful products.

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Chiva is a theme on steroids. Benefit from a home page with category and item layout, 4 promotional banners and a prominent central search bar. As every Tavano theme, Chiva is SEO optimized and designed to cater product catalogs from any vertical.

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If you are looking to display various services, products or features at a quick glance, Devena is the way to go. Having a banner slider and 4 all-purpose banners above the homepage fold, allow your shoppers to start the shopping process right from the get go.

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So you have a large catalog and would like to feature as many products as possible on the homepage? Guri displays a 6 column item list layout with multiple item options, as well as a clear and clean search bar that together with the 7 header 2-level dropdown menu, gives your shoppers total navigation control.

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Robust, concise and effective, the Exogroove theme displays items on a one column, scroll-friendly, layout. Its SEO friendly structure provides a solid base for organic marketing initiatives. This theme is an ideal option for B2B sites, carrying a large product catalog, where navigation is centric throughout the shopping experience.

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Lestar displays a left side navigation bar for an improved user experience and stands on B2C grounds strengthening product images and offering multiple item options. The item list layout works very well with a simple and intuitive search box streamlining the shopper experience.

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What’s included?

Responsive Themes

Mobile-friendly templates and layouts to help your mobile shoppers (and your SEO!).


Engaging homepage with banner slider and featured products display.

Category Page

Category page template listing sub-categories and items.

Search Results

Template displays search matching results such as items, categories and informational pages.

Sub-Category Page

Category page template listing only items. Sort items by price and alphabetical order.

Informational Page

Up to 3 layouts to display your informational pages with a professional looking design.

Product Detail Page

Includes rollover zoom, picture and video gallery, related items and “customers who bought this item also bought”.

View Cart Page

Shopping cart page including shipping estimator, coupon codes, and upsell items.


Shipping/billing address, shipping method, payment method, review order pages.

My Account Pages

See orders, check order status, re-order, submit / see support tickets, edit preferences.

Lead Generation Form

NetSuite form that automatically creates a prospect / lead when form is submitted.


Designed and coded with SEO in mind.

“I was literally amazed at just how easy the experience was”

Hallie WebbeCommerce Manager from Knot Genie Inc.
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