“We truly feel Tavano as a partner”

Ken BakerCEO - Bailey Hydraulics

Project Background

Selling over 5,000 items, Bailey Hydraulics specializes in mobile hydraulics products servicing both manufacturers and distribution organizations. Bailey came to Tavano with a very basic SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) website built by another solution provider. Concerned with several issues they had identified and were impacting shopper experience, Bailey was receiving negative feedback from their customers and online conversions were decreasing.

Our Approach

Having implemented several SCA in the past, we knew what was missing on Bailey’s SCA implementation right away. Through our TavanoSuite program, our team started an audit which resulted in review of website architecture. Through the audit and adjustments made our team managed to improve overall site performance, page load speed, SEO and improve shopper experience bringing happy customers and sales back. Visit BaileyHydraulics.com.

Faceted Navigation

Enable shoppers to quickly and effortlessly find products by narrowing items by categories and attributes such as price and color

Responsive Design

Responsive design enables sites to display elegantly across all devices including desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

One Page Checkout

Streamlined checkout process with a single page checkout flow.

Recently Viewed Items

Allow logged-in visitors returning to your site to see the products they viewed during their last visit.

”As opposed of just us giving the ideas of what we thought needed to be done, Tavano was able to bring a lot of their specialists so that we could be more effective.”

Ken BakerCEO - Bailey Hydraulics

The Final Result – Hear it from Bailey Hydraulics