10 UX mistakes to avoid on your eCommerce website

Your website may often serve as the first impression of your business to a potential customer. When your site runs smoothly, it speaks of your capability and professionalism. Of course you can fix a mistake when it happens, but it’s best to avoid them altogether. Here is a list of 10 UX mistakes to avoid at all costs on your eCommerce site:

Credits: Alex Khoroshok

1. Obnoxious Pop-ups

If you do pop-ups, limit the number and make them effective, so you don’t alienate potential customers from your site.


2. Bad Product Images

Potential buyers don’t have the opportunity to touch or see a product before they order it, so showcase your products with high-quality images.

3. Limited Product Information

Give potential customers as much information about your product or service you can, so they can make the best choice for their needs.

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4. Incorrect Product Information

Incorrect information will lead to unhappy customers and returns, so make sure that what you put on your site is correct.

5. Broken Product Search

If a customer cannot get to an item on your site because your site search is ineffective or the page link is broken, they will most likely buy from your competition.

6. Long and/or Complicated Checkout Process

Long and complicated checkout processes frustrate online buyers. If they can checkout with ease, they are more likely to return to your site in the future.

Credits: Yalantis

7. No Contact Information

Always provide contact information for your business. It makes consumers feel warm and fuzzy inside when they can associate an address and phone number with an online business.

8. No Responsive Version

A good portion of those who purchase goods and services online do so with their phone or other mobile device. You severely diminish UX when you do not offer a mobile version of your site.


9. No Social Media Pins

Customers like to share sales and products they love via social media. Make the items and pages on your site shareable to increase your traffic. Make sure your social media pins do not compete with the Add To Cart CTA, as this is the primary conversion you are looking for!

10. Confusing Site Navigation

If you have poor site navigation, customers will have a hard time finding the products or services they need resulting in a loss of sales when they head to your competition’s site.

Credits: Yalantis

Providing a positive UX on your eCommerce site is a must. For more insight or questions, contact us.

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