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At Tavano Team, we have to keep up with everything NetSuite SuiteCommerce related. The SuiteCommerce Developers portal is a vital resource for our team to keep up with what’s going on with the SuiteCommerce platform. Also, it’s where they check for development best practices and help for building custom solutions for our clients.

These five articles are a must-read for every new SCA developer. In fact, they might come in very handy even to senior developers, too!

Important: Are you looking for top SuiteCommerce skills for your project? — Of course, you do!  Learning and applying SuiteCommerce coding best practices takes time and patience. If you lack one of these, we recommend contacting one of our SuiteCommerce developers today.  


1) Getting Started – NetSuite Blog

As obvious as it might sound, this is where every new SuiteCommerce advanced developer should start:

What’s it about?

  1. Explains some basics and foundations.
  2. Provide an overview of the architecture and technologies used.
  3. Expose some best practices on how to extend and customize.


2) NetSuite Blog: Extending Javascript

Based on the previous recommendations, the following tries to explain how to extend javascript when working with SCA.



 What you’ll learn?

  1. Best practices for dealing with customizations
  2. Working with fieldsets
  3. Create a Model a View and Template, understand the relationship between them.
  4. Understand when to use prototype extension and the ways you have to extend JavaScript within SCA.


3) 5 Ways to Troubleshoot SCA in the Browser

When you are developing, testing and debugging are important tasks. Here you will find some tips on where to search for problems.

troubleshoot-sca netsuite blog

What’s exposed?

  1. Commons mistakes.
  2. Where to search
  3. Find what template to edit.
  4. Find what sass file to edit.


4) Find Out About the New Service Controllers

For those who spent some time with SCA customization, this post exposes the new architecture for services.

new service controllers netsuite blog

What is this about?

  1. Why the change was made
  2. Patterns used like the implementation of AMD


5) Troubleshooting DNS Problems With the CDN

The next one provides tools for troubleshooting DNS problems with CDN. Performance improvements are always important, and a CDN could help you with them.

cdn netsuite blog

What does this post explain?

  1. How to debug and necessary checks for correct configuration
  2. Set up.
  3. Common problems.


Bonus NetSuite Blog Article: Learn How to Develop an Extension for SuiteCommerce

This is a detailed guide for developers looking to understand the extensibility framework and start leveraging it by developing extensions. Extensions can be developed both for SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced websites.

netsuite blog

What does this post explain?

  1. Set up the dev environment.
  2. Start extension development.
  3. How to create the entry point file, the view, the template, the saas file, the manifest, and the assets
  4. Set up custom record type and CMS content type.
  5. How to deploy and test
  6. Troubleshooting


Becoming a skilled SuiteCommerce Advanced developer takes time and patience. If you need help on your SCA project, our certified SuiteCommerce developers have implemented countless NetSuite websites. They can help you get there faster following coding best practices. Contact us to learn more.

Editor’s note: this post was initially published in December 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.