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Good news for all you eCommerce-philes out there. Solupay now has the solution for integrating Apple Pay -Apple’s alternative payment method- to NetSuite Suitecommerce Advanced. 

This is great news for both users and eCommerce stores. It’s now easier, faster and safer for users to shop online.

Why Apple Pay?

Apple started their own eWallet service in 2014. It took some time for the market to pick up on it, but Apple Pay is now the fastest growing digital wallet available.

It’s no secret that eCommerce is growing at an incredibly fast pace, and so are alternative payment methods. As a result, companies had no other choice but to explore better ways for consumers to shop online.

With mCommerce covering roughly 34% of all eCommerce transactions, overlooking Apple Pay as a payment solution for any business seemed like a serious misstep. Now that Apple Pay is supported by NetSuite Suitecommerce Advanced, you can increase revenue all while simplifying payment processes for the customer and card processing costs. It’s a win-win situation!

By 2022, 47% of all global eCommerce transactions will be made using an eWallet. In 2018, the number was 38%. Apple Pay is predicted to account for half of eWallet transactions by 2020.

Here’s why Apple Pay is easier, quicker and safer than other standard online payment options.

It’s Easier

The payment process is pretty straightforward and the system is very easy to use. With Apple Pay, it’s possible to purchase in-apps, online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

In fact, many of the most popular online payment platforms including Stripe, Worldpay, and Braintree are already integrating Apple Pay with their SDKs.

In addition to purchases, it also lets you make personal payments to friends and family, all from your very own eWallet. No kidding, it’s the most user-friendly digital wallet right now. 

Sure, personal payments are a neat perk for the consumer. But considering that buyers are very sensitive to any personalized user experience, it seems that Apple Pay has everything to become a hit with consumers, and as a result, with businesses.

It’s Quicker

Let’s get real. We’ve grown accustomed to turn to our mobiles to perform any task. And when using them, we expect to do anything faster. Online shopping is no exception.

Apple Pay is a great choice for an eCommerce because it standardizes the shopping, checkout and payment process for users. And when time is of the essence, the standardization of processes is the best gift that you can offer to busy shoppers on the go.

Here’s more good news: Apple Pay is not only optimized for mobile devices. It works well with any compatible Mac device, including laptops and desktops. Even better, the new MacBook Pro has a built-in Touch ID sensor for authenticating your transactions more quickly and with a very high degree of security. This leads to our last (but certainly not least) point: safety.

It’s Safer

Even though we do everything online, we’ve all felt vulnerable or unsafe giving our personal information on the internet. The good thing about Apple Pay is that it centralizes all of your payments. Your credit card details will no longer be scattered around multiple providers.

Apple Pay doesn’t even store that information in your own phone. It uses a device specific number and unique transaction codes. To all this security measures we must add the ones implemented into the devices themselves. Biometrics, the Touch ID button, Face ID and code unlocking add extra security layers to your finances.


The integration of Apple Pay into NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced will help to increase your revenue and sales. All this while reducing transaction times, efforts and costs for you and your customers.

At Tavano Team, together with Solupay, we can help you achieve all this in record times. Are you ready to make the jump? Drop us a line!