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Boosting conversion rates in your SuiteCommerce website doesn’t necessarily require a complex marketing scheme. However, it does require a major shift in your sales mindset: Stop thinking about how you sell, and start paying attention to how your customers buy.

Buyer intent is hard to predict. But by personalizing browsing activity with both product and content suggestions especially selected for your shoppers, you will be able to better guide them in their browsing journey. 

If they see a personalized selection of products based on their interests, browsing history or even previously purchased items, you will be creating a uniquely engaging shopping experience. Luckily, this is now very easy to achieve, thanks to 4-Tell.

4-Tell is a market leader in data-driven personalization and intelligent collaboration, and its NetSuite extension provides real-time product and content recommendations, product idea boards, 360 customer profiles, segment analytics, and enhanced site search.

Machine Learning and AI

Their Virtual Assistant uses AI to automatically generate recommendations based on real-time behavior, preferences and search history. And their machine learning layer continuously works to understand the affinities of individual shoppers.

If you’re looking to increase conversions, to stand out from a crowded and competitive market, to better understand your customers or if you wanted to integrate personalized content into the customer’s journey, 4-Tell might just be the right solution.

It’s important to remember this extension not only works well with promoting products but with content as well to enhance the customer journey. This means if you have an active blog, you can easily add relevant content suggestions inside a product description page. And vice versa: a product suggestion inside a related blog post.

Site search, right from the future

4-Tell will also personalize your site’s search. Suggestions will be based on what you browse, so there’s no need for a user to be logged in. If they do choose to log in, the personalized recommendations will take into account the products they already own. By dynamically merchandising the customer’s journey, you’re building and promoting your brand’s trust into the buying experience.

4-Tell’s reach is incredibly vast, too. Their extension not only improves the overall browsing experience on the front end but on the back end as well. 

Front End Experience – Shopper

  • Product Personalization
  • Content Personalization
  • Personalized Site Search

Back End Experience – Merchant

  • Market segments
  • Customer Profiles
  • Product Trends
  • Analytics

The personalized search is also incorporated into the back end and it uses a combination of images and fast catalog searches. With this visualized broad business intelligence, you will be able to better understand your market, the audience, and shoppers. It goes without saying any sales, marketing, customer service, and even merchandising teams will find this tool invaluable.

Standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to succeed in building a name for your brand, create an audience and build a reputation. And with the help of 4-Tell’s SuiteCommerce extension, you can achieve increased conversion rates and highly engaged shoppers.

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