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A Simple Setup That Can Increase Conversions.
It’s no secret that UX is vital for conversions, and filling out forms with sensitive information can cause a level of anxiety in customers that may lead them to abandon the checkout process entirely. With the goal of customer retention and conversion in mind, it might be time to start thinking about using the “Checkout as a Guest” option from NetSuite which, best of all, is an out of the box setting. 

Immersing yourself in your customer’s mindset from the beginning to the last moment of their experience on your site will help to ensure positive UX is achieved.

So, how can the “Checkout as a Guest” feature lead to conversions? The “Checkout as a Guest” option offers a refreshing alternative when placing an order by allowing the shopper to streamline the ordering process. Shoppers checking out as a guest will skip creating an account reducing time spent at checkout.  When activated in a NetSuite website this option is located on the registration page just below “New customer”.


Besides from experiencing a faster checkout, shopper can view it as a lesser “commitment” and erases the potential that you are after the shoppers information.

Although as a business it is helpful to save customer details like name, phone numbers or email to gain an understanding of who your customers are and potentially contact them in the future,  according to studies conducted by Google and AnswerLab, “Mobile users are very goal-oriented. So when it comes to mobile shoppers, they expect to be able to get what they need, immediately, and on their own terms.”

To help make implementation of the feature seamless, NetSuite offers a very simple way to setup “Checkout as a Guest” in their accounts. Whether you are using Site Builder or SuiteCommerce Advanced, a simple setting adjustment is all it takes to make this option available on your website.

You can find this setting following this path:

Set Up Web Site > Shopping > Registration Page




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