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Recently we were approached by the NetSuite Commerce Agency Program (CAP) to help put together an article to be published at the SuiteCommerce Developers portal discussing upgrading SuiteCommerce Advanced websites to the latest version, Mont Blanc.

Needless to say, we were excited for this opportunity, so we reached out to Tavano’s team members who have worked on different SCA migration project and ask them to think about valuable insights that can help other SCA developers and merchants.

The article was published Aug. 4 , written by NetSuite’s Steve Goldberg, and it’s a must read for those SuiteCommerce Advanced customers who are planning upgrading to post-Denali versions as well as developers working on any SuiteCommerce Advanced version.

Following is an excerpt of the article named TIL Thursday: Upgrading from Pre-Denali to Mont Blanc.

A weeks ago we ran an interview with someone who talked about his team’s experiences upgrading a site from the Denali version of SuiteCommerce Advanced to Mont Blanc. This week, we’re doing something similar (but far more drastic): upgrading from pre-Denali.

So I sat down with the team at Tavano, who have recently take a site along this upgrade path, in order to find out how it went and what they’ve learnt.

In this interview, Tavano was represented by Martin Prieto and Matias Lugli, senior developers; Leonardo Mello, tech lead; and Rodrigo Alonso, chief operating officer.

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