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Kilimanjaro is out and we want to review the features included. Differently from previous releases, this time not so many important features were announced, but still a handful of nice ones are worth explaining.

You can contact our team for further information on Kilimanjaro and other SuiteCommerce Advanced releases.

Auto-Apply Promotions

It’s a great feature that certainly improves the shopping experience. Just imagine shoppers excitement when surprised with a promo discount in their carts.  Not only that, think about elderly audiences who sometimes struggle placing orders in the first place not understanding how and when to apply a promo code.

Custom Content Types

Custom Content Types (CCT) is now available within the Site Management Tools, facilitating website owners and administrators tasks by implementing custom content and easily updating it when needed.

Developers can use it to write their own code and set it up as a CCT. It’s built using the same structure than a regular SCA module such as kinds of folders, entrypoint file and even an ns.package.json file. Once developed it needs to be setup as a CCT in the SMT.

Change Email Address

Before registered customers were not allowed to change their email address, basically forcing them to keep the same or deleting and creating a new account with a different email address. With Kilimanjaro this has changed and customers can now easily change their email address associated in the account.

Style Guide

Looks like starting Kilimanjaro, a design style guide with Knyle Style Sheet (KSS) notation is included in the new release. This is specially useful for the designers to follow site’s design guidelines and follow best practices.  

Sass Refactor Included

When migrating to the release expect some adjustment time. New variables and styles in the Sass are defined meaning that it might be necessary to spend some time mapping old classes and variables to the new ones.  

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