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Are you in the middle of a freight fright? Is your company experiencing checkout abandonment and you don’t know why? Are your products too large to ship through standard courier and require LTL or truckload shipping? Do you feel that the shipping process consumes a high amount of time, energy and money in your company?

Well, you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re far from being the exception. About 36% of merchants use from 3 to 6 different courier/shipping websites to rate and complete one shipment. This also affects productivity and efficiency as over 37% of merchants spend way too much time on the shipping process. On the other hand, a recent survey showed that the second most used carrier is LTL. Plus, 1/4 of shippers do manual paperwork when it comes to printing labels, bill of lading, etc. 

We all want to offer the fastest, quickest and most reliable shipping option available to our customers. After all, we want them to feel at ease and to come back to our store. However, the search for the best shipping option can be time-consuming and energy-draining.

Enter, Pacejet…

This is where Pacejet comes into action. Pacejet connects your SuiteCommerce website to more than 65 different shipping services and carriers comparing their rates in real time. It will then list all available rates and suggest the cheapest, fastest and most convenient shipping option for any specific order.

Customers and businesses can benefit from the integration of Pacejet.

On one side, the shopper will not be stuck with limited -and possibly not the most convenient- shipping methods, nor will have to pay extra bucks for the same shipping method. Also, the checkout process will be rendered a lot more intuitive and faster, providing real-time shipping quotes improving overall checkout experience. 

On the other side of the spectrum, businesses will benefit, too. They will improve internal efficiencies making the fulfillment and shipping process much faster and using accurate real-time shipping fees. By being transparent with shoppers in their shipping quote process, they will gain in face value and trustowrthiness.

For any business, to work with several freight providers separately can be particularly complex. Especially for small to medium scale companies.

Shipping, simplified.

Instead of working with multiple software applications, companies will manage their shipping solutions using Pacejet.

Pacejet is a single cloud-based shipping software platform built specifically for NetSuite. The increased efficiency -and profitability- resulting from the integration of this tool is surely beneficial for any organization. 

In fact, Pacejet’s own ROI calculator helps you see for yourself, using your own statistics, how you can increase revenue and improve savings. Because, as you might already know, shipping costs and speed are two crucial factors that can make or break your sale, regardless of how great your product is.

Seeing all those missed opportunities really makes you think about how, without even knowing it, your business is being affected. Luckily, you now can reverse that situation. 

If you want to learn more about Pacejet or if you’re interested in integrating it into your SuiteCommerce business, contact us!