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Let’s get real. Using a product configurator as an eCommerce tool is hardly a new concept. It seems, however, that it’s becoming the standard rather than an exception.

eCommerce is now so widespread that online shopping has become one of the many household activities. This is why improving user experience is paramount for any brand’s success when it comes to attracting, engaging and integrating consumers.

In fact, this is what WGSN -the world’s leading consumer trend forecasting company- predicts will be one of the key switches in consumer behavior for 2020. Homes will become a nest for shopping innovation.

Product Configurator examples

To illustrate this, we selected six great examples of eCommerce configurators that raised the bar and show you exactly how it’s done.

With this thorough configurator, MINI allows you to fulfill your fantasy of customising your car entirely. The “Build a New Mini” feature lets you pick both aesthetic and technical specifications.

MINI’s product configurator also lets you save changes and download your design as a pdf file. This means that, if in doubt, it’s easier to create several versions and compare with one another.

In this fully personalised shopping environment, users become part of the MINI branding and design experience without leaving their home. The automatic quote update is a nice touch, too.

When you’re done, just click the Send to Dealer button. That’s it. The mobile interface is incredibly easy and fun to use. The multiple view with incorporated zoom makes for a great shopping experience.

The Create your Sunglasses feature introduces you to a world of sleek, pure white Ray Ban frames. So right from the start, you’re invited to let your creativity run loose and have fun!

Hardcore fans can customise any of the most iconic Ray ban models, as well as some of their most recent designs. Just about any and every physical part of the frames is customisable. With this, Ray Ban does an important thing: making the consumer a part of the product.

Both desktop and mobile interfaces are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The fully interactive 360° view lets you zoom in on the smallest details so you get exactly what you want. Also, you get a real time custom quote.

Yes, yes, glass tint, frame color and size are customisable features, but the cherry on top is their monogram engraving service. Handy if you’re too prone to losing your sunglasses!

What’s interesting about Bugaboo’s refined customisation process is that it helps consumers pick a product that’s not only personalised in terms of aesthetics. In addition to design elements such as canopy color and chassis finishes, they want customers to pick the stroller that adjusts best to their lifestyle.

This is consumer-centric customisation at its best. Also, any selection will be automatically applied to all strollers. So, if mid-customisation you decide to switch to a different model, it will have all of the applicable modifications transferred to it.

Studio-shed‘s quick and easy-to-use product configurator really stands out. You get to oversee every single detail in the design process. The interactive 3D view with powerful zoom creates powerfully rich and personal shopping experience both on desktop and on mobile. In addition to all the allowed customisations,

Studio-shed lets you save your very own design, for later personal use or as a wishlist. This completes the enhanced user experience.

Once you’re happy with your design, just confirm the order and you’ll receive an immediate notification with applicable estimated time, costs and payment terms. It’s as simple as that!

Nike by You -formerly known as Nike ID- is possibly the most renowned product configurator there is, and not without reason.

This is a company that has been at the forefront of personalisation services and this product configurator can be used on most of their models: you get to design the all time classics like the Cortez, the Air Force or the Air Max -which has a completely separate section: Air Max by You-, and the latest releases.

This tool lets you design your very own Nike shoes in just a few minutes with the help of a zoomable and interactive multiple view. From the color of each individual part, to the possibility of adding a monogram on the sneaker tongues, you have a say on absolutely everything. 

The visually rich design feature works well in both desktop and mobile, benefitting the overall shopping experience. This is key to introduce the customer into the design process creating, as a result, wider brand visibility.

Reform goes one step further in the customisation offer. In this direct-to-consumer strategy, you can use your own graphics, text or logo to create badges for your personalised varsity jackets.

This customer-focused feature really stands out because it provides instant gratification in an intuitive shopping experience. And, no less, it’s fun! Starting with a blank canvas, your power is limitless. Reform builds a strong relationship with their customers, letting them have exactly what they want in this fully connected brand experience.

Not sure about your design? Save it for later when you’re feeling more inspired. This product configurator really treats your product as the real star of the show.


We’ve pretty much established that a product configurator is a great tool to include consumers in the design process and to make them feel part of the brand experience. And let’s be honest, we now expect most products to be customisable at least at some level. We’re growing accustomed to a made-to-measure living experience and product configurators help your brand achieve exactly that for your customers.

If we decentralize shopping experiences from brick and mortar stores, we will build a stronger and more direct relationship with consumers, which we guarantee will translate into higher conversion rates.

If you’d like to learn what your options are when it comes to product configurators, let us know!