The Reorder Items feature is available natively in SCA since Montblanc release. Every now and then, we work with clients that state their own customers don’t need the reorder feature enabled because they didn’t have it on their previous website or don’t think they will use it at all.

This is a very common mistake and it is strongly recommended that you provide as many possibilities to your clients to shop in less clicks. Why have them go through the hustle of adding the same 8 items they bought 3 months ago when they can just reorder them based on the previous Sales Order?

Statistically, it is easier and cheaper to persuade past customers to buy from you again rather than trying to attract new customers who have never bought from you before. Most ecommerce websites survive based on their returning customer %, so why not try to make everything easier for them?

You customers can access the Reorder section from the Orders section within My Account. As the rest of My Account sections, the user would need to have an account and be logged in.

Users have the ability to add a specific product or all products to cart to process the new order. That way the applicable items selected will be added to the cart along with whatever other items they might already in the cart.

Some of our B2B clients found it useful to have a link to reorder throughout the shopping experience. Since then we even added a link on the header to some of our themes for easy access.

"Time to Reorder" Emails

You now have the functionality available on your website. But maybe your customers don’t login that often and they need some encouragement from your side.

That’s when sending a targeted email to customers that already made a purchase with you come in handy.

In order to be effective, you should try to understand your customer as much as possible. In addition to that you can check what’s the average purchasing frequency of a specific item and send a targeted email to those customers who bought that item. Timing and narrowing your audience is key to increase conversions!