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We can say B2B features are key to a great shopping experience, but UX is what allows shoppers to easily find and nicely flow into these features. Based on data driven sales principles, conversion optimization best practices and leveraging NetSuite powerful features, our design team crafted Landmark – the most powerful B2B theme for SuiteCommerce.

B2B ecommerce with repeated customers in mind

There are many important factors that drive a great B2B shopping experience that can result in loyalty and increased repeating sales. Our design team paid special attention to the entire shopping flow of every shopper, but with singular care to the repeated customer – simply the most valuable B2B shopper type. We present the Landmark theme – SuiteCommerce´s most powerful B2B theme.

To start with, right from the header section, a repeated customer can easily create a new order, access previously created shopping lists, request a quote, or enter “My Account “ pages.

Expedite ordering process

Landmark theme is designed to make repeated customers shopping flow much easier. Leveraging native SuiteCommerce features, this theme truly helps streamline orders by highlighting important shopping links.

Quick order

As indicated above a Quick Order link is displayed in the header section for quick access. Repeated buyers, specially businesses who enter large orders, already know the SKU# they’re looking for and can easily take advantage of it by simply entering the SKU# into the Quick Order form and generate an order without the need of browsing through pages and adding items to the cart one by one.

Shopping lists

Such a powerful feature, Shopping Lists allows business buyers to create multiple shopping lists including items they purchase regularly (or would like to purchase in the future). Once they’ve created their shopping lists, they can quickly access it at anytime directly from the My Shopping Lists header link.

Right from the shopping lists, customers can add entire shopping lists to cart with just one click.

Reorder previous purchases

If customers don’t have time to think about which items they want to purchase then they can  simply click reorder from previous purchases. With a bit of personalization, Landmark recognizes shoppers, salutes them and invite them to access their previous orders and reorder from there.

Request a quote

Not ready for placing an order or do you think you can get a better deal? No problem, instead of proceeding to checkout simply request a quote for the items added to cart.

Once quote is submitted, a Quote/Estimate is generated in NetSuite which will be updated by the merchant. Customers can go into the My Account to see updates to quotes.

Guided navigation and advanced product search

Finding the right product can be challenging when landing on a large-inventory seller website. With no time to waste, new users (or even repeated ones browsing the site in search of specific products) need to find products fast and avoid confusing navigation paths.

Landmark counts with a series of features that help shoppers find more similar products and faster.

Header navigation

Header navigation menu can be accessed across the website. For large-inventory ecommerce sites, Landmark displays a jumbo menu displaying navigation links in  clean well-organized format displaying categories , subcategories and featured product/categories links.

Popular categories jump links

For shoppers landing on the homepage, there’s Popular Categories section with quick jump links to the most popular content in the website.

Quick finder

For even faster access to products, in the homepage the Quick Finder allows shoppers to narrow search results by selecting 3 search criterias and quickly get to the search results page.

Advanced site search

Site search allows shopper to get product recommendations as user types in. Fuzzy search is supported for misspells which can save time when shopper don’t exactly know the product name.

Faceted navigation

When it comes the time to browse through a large products selection, faceted navigation is of great help allowing shoppers to narrow results by using product filters.

Striking B2B ordering features

Price levels and quantity pricing

A B2B seller can set different price levels to different types of customers (ie, wholesalers, retailers) so that they can purchase using their approved discounted rates.

Additionally a seller using Landmark, can set up pricing based on volume purchased, where the more items purchased the lower the price gets.

Minimum quantity and real-time stock availability

Another relevant B2B feature is the Seller’s ability to set a minimum ordering quantity for specific product purchases.

Related to the above, if B2B customer is looking to place a large order, Landmark theme shows how many products are in stock.

Terms and credit limits

SuiteCommerce allows sellers to set terms and let buyers pay with invoice, set credit limits and pay outstanding invoices through the customer My Account section.

Product information

B2B buyers not only need to have detailed product information, but also access to special marketing/product related resources. The Landmark theme also takes this into consideration to allow sellers to display all marketing and product assets in a simple and clean design.

Faceted search results: list view

Even if buyers can switch anytime to different item list views while navigating through faceted search results pages (Grid, Table and List), Landmark defaults the List view to help present more product information on each item cell. Specially convenient for products that with large product information.

Product detail page

Landmark help sellers display product description, options, specifications, image galleries and product videos.

The Specifications tab give the seller the opportunity to present product specifications in text or image format. Within the Description tab seller can display an image gallery and videos featuring product and how-tos material.

Finally, there’s the Downloadable section which allows to share specific assets to buyers.    

Customizable promotion blocks and product alerts

When it comes to attracting buyers attention with product promotions and alerts there’s a fine line between getting your message out there in a clear way and creating a clutterly confusing alert where buyers can’t even notice it. This is even more challenging for large inventory ecommerce sites.

Multi-promo banners

Landmark, designed for high-volume and large-inventory sellers, allows sellers to shout out promotions and present product promos in a clean efficient way. For example, Landmark’s homepage comes with lifestyle and hero shot banners to promote several products, categories and sales.

As shopper scrolls down more multi-purpose blocks are displayed.

Promo bar site-wide

When it comes to displaying promotions, alerts or other important store information, Landmark comes with a prominent text bar displayed throughout the shopping session from homepage to product detail pages.

Elevate promotions with product badges

Landmark comes with the ability to set different product badges that can be displayed at the category, facet search results page and product detail page. Great for differentiating featured items from the rest – new arrivals, on sale, limited stock, or any other product attribute you can think of.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Last but not least, Landmark theme includes clean and professional looking templates for the My Account pages. Through My Account buyers can see previous orders, open balances, pay open invoices, reorder from previous purchases, see credit balance, manage cases and more.

If you are a B2B seller with large sku counts then Landmark is the right theme for your store. Contact us to see a live demo.