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The advantages of building your business in SuiteCommerce are many, and its merchandising features are at the top of the list. 

That’s right. An eCommerce website will not thrive if it does not implement the correct merchandising tools for its audience, regardless of how interesting the product. 

Ecommerce merchandising is the art and science of displaying products or offers on a website with the goal of increasing sales and today we’ll show you the most exciting tools available with SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Catalog Organization

This first merchandising feature allows you to organize your catalog and it helps shoppers access your products easily and intuitively.

Top Navigation

It doesn’t matter if your catalog is small or large, it requires an organized, clean navigation tool. The top navigation can list -and link to- the main categories and subcategories of your products.

Popular Links Section 

It’s important to tell shoppers which are the most popular categories, it helps in guiding them in their browsing experience. 

Visual Search

A visual search can be incredibly helpful for consumers and eCommerce retailers both. With just a simple inquiry in the search box, a variety of relevant images will come up matching your search, helping you find a specific product much more dynamically. 

Homepage merchandising

The homepage merchandising feature gives you the chance to make your homepage a welcoming and intuitive space for shoppers. 

Hero Image, Slider and Category banners

A Hero Product Banner and product categories banners help shoppers identify your products and relate to them. Make sure to use them to your advantage!

Merchandising Zones (e.g. New Arrivals or Best Sellers)

Merchandising zones will be determined by subcategories of products that can be temporary, seasonal or dynamic such as New Arrivals, Best Sellers, etc. 

You can determine merchandising zones as you see fit. It’s a nice tool that increases the rotation of your products and lets you present them in a different and more exciting way to your shoppers.

Promo Bar

We all know the Promo Bar and all the good things it can do. Use this cross-site bar to announcing attractive promotions or important messages throughout your website!

Category merchandising

The category merchandising feature is essential for shoppers to browse at ease. Offer them flawless navigation, and you will undoubtedly have very happy shoppers that won’t hesitate to spend money on your website.

Category Landing Page

Improve your eCommerce by creating a visually attractive landing page with eye-catching images, smart texts, videos, and subcategory and product links.

Filtered Navigation

Make the most of your search feature by adding filters. You will make it easier for shoppers to find products by narrowing search results. 

Multiple Views

Let shoppers be comfortable while they browse. Do they prefer to shop using the list view? Do they prefer to see the big images? Or will it be the small thumbnails? You can let them decide which option works best for them.

Product Badges

The product badges (e.g. ‘New’, ‘Sale’, ‘Popular’) will allow you to highlight special products without the need of creating a subcategory. The good news is that you can add, remove or edit a badge whenever you want. 

Product Page Merchandising

The product page is the ultimate star of the online shopping experience. A badly executed product page can cost you a sale. But a product page that uses these smart merchandising features will largely increase your conversion rates. 

Product Images

The key to a successful eCommerce is to help shoppers visualize their options through a screen. To do so, make sure to add multiple views for them to see the product in detail. You can display multiple product images with zoom-in capabilities, which will make the shopping experience much more interesting.


Users are more responsive to videos showing the products in action. You can add them to your product page so use them to your advantage and create short, dynamic videos to help promote your products.

Related Products

Show shoppers products related to what they are browsing and you will increase the chances of upselling. You can also use this feature to help customers discover complementary products that they might not know existed.

Cart Page Merchandising

The merchandising job is not done after a shopper reaches its desired product’s product page. There are still a few more tips and tricks to not only have a happier customer but to have a fuller cart.

Customers who bought this also bought

NetSuite algorithm identifies the correlation between the item and other items that have been ordered. Guide your customers into the browsing experience you believe will be most fulfilling by showing them the purchasing patterns of similar shoppers. 

Recently Viewed

You can easily remind shoppers of items that they looked at previously. This is useful to help customers regain focus on why they came to your eCommerce in the first place. 

Saved For Later

Allow shoppers to save items for later purchase. They will keep appearing every time on the cart page and it’s an easy way for you to follow up on purchase intent.

Personalization / Segmentation

Catalog with Audience

This allows you to create a password-protected section on your eCommerce to publish exclusive content for a specific customer or customer segment. You can manage the content at will and you can share from informational pages to PDF, video or image files. We encourage you to use this one-on-one communication tool to get much closer to your shoppers. 

If you want to learn more about these merchandising features or if you feel ready to start implementing some of them into your SuiteCommerce business, contact us today!