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2016 just started and you may want to think about revamping that same old web design that you’ve had since, well, forever. Turn that website into something you are proud to show off, whether that is something more bold, or possibly something a bit more subtle. There are plenty of ways to rethink your company and be able to bring that vision alive through your website design.

Here are a couple of key points to take into consideration when thinking about redesigning your website.

1) Shake things up, gradually: Chances are, if you think your website is looking a little tired, so do your browsers. There’s no time like the present to switch up your design and share it with the virtual world. Taking on this big of a task could be quite daunting and even discouraging, which is why incremental changes could benefit you most. Introducing small, gradual changes throughout your website could be more appealing to the masses instead of large drastic changes all at one time.

2) Testing it out: Maybe you aren’t sure which way to head in your redesign, that’s where A/B testing comes into play. This technique can be used to compare two different styles of design and seeing which one converts more browsers. Whatever style is more popular, wins!

3) Functionality is a must: If you are thinking about adding new functions throughout your website such as forums, blogs, e-commerce or any other major features, a redesign is definitely in order. Introducing these new features can intrigue browsers to stay on the site longer and return for a second look on that forum they participated in. Having several aspects of functionality within your site is important to stay competitive among other sites in your field.

4) Stay up-to-date: The digital world is constantly changing. This means your site needs to keep up on trends with web technology as much as possible. With your redesign, keep in mind your demographic and take advantage of the latest technology that those tech savvy users expect in a site.

Having a strategy for your website redesign plan is vital for it’s success, so the first next step is to start planning now. Don’t wait for a perfect moment as you will lose the opportunity.


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