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Merchants don’t have it easy, nowadays! The quest for creative ideas that help shoppers save time and money is neverending. If that wasn’t enough, they also need to be compatible with the lifestyles of their shoppers. 

The search for the perfect solution can feel like we’re looking for a unicorn, we know. But now and then appears a beacon of hope, and we’re glad to say that we found one! Today you’ll learn how the SuiteCommerce pick up in-store option achieves all this.

What is pick up in-store?

In short, it means that a shopper can buy a product online and pick it up later at the store in person. It’s the ultimate fusion between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail and it’s making a huge difference in how people are shopping.

Kibo and Multichannel Merchant ran a study that included mystery shopper visits and found that 90% of retailers surveyed had online orders ready and waiting for the shopper at the scheduled pick up time. Associates at 43% of the stores were able to find the orders in under a minute, while 50% took between one and four minutes. It works!

So… shoppers will save time?

Yes, because they manage the pick up themselves! Shoppers don’t have to wait for their orders in the mail. They are thus eliminating all risks of delays, lost packages, or damaged goods. The pick up in store option will help them schedule and arrange the pick up in their own time, increasing efficiency. 

And they will also save money?

Yes, because they will skip the shipping charges! It keeps getting better.

OK, but how does this adjust to the shopper’s lifestyle, exactly? 

For starters, and as we said previously, it’s more efficient for the shopper. Not only that, but the customer has total power over when they will get their hands on the product.

The pick up in-store option is also compatible with environmentally conscious lifestyles. Not only it helps shoppers reduce their carbon footprint, but the carbon footprint of the product itself. Significantly.

It’s a compelling added value. Especially if environmental responsibility is part of your company’s identity and culture. 

And what about my business?

What’s amazing about the pick up in-store is that it’s really good for business! With customers picking up their products, you’re increasing foot traffic at retail locations. You’re also boosting cross-selling and upselling opportunities! 

How can I make it happen on my SuiteCommerce website?

SuiteCommerce websites work with Order Management to provide the complete Pick up In-Store feature. These are the Order Management tasks to configure in NetSuite:


Configure retail locations to allow Pick up In-Store.


Specify hours for pick up and give customers a cutoff time for pick up on the same day.


Add location-specific information in a memo field shown on the Product Details Page. (Optional)


Create or change a customized sales order form to fit Pick up In-Store.


Enable the Store Locator feature to show the nearest location to the customer.


Set up inventory items to show whether they are eligible for pick up at retail locations.


Set a stock buffer for an item to only appear as available for pick up if you have a specific amount of items in stock at the given location.

What do you think about the pick up in-store feature? If you want more information or if you want to give this feature a go, let us know!