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What really makes a website good for B2B

By SuiteCommerce Advanced

There has been a buzz about B2B websites in the latest years and the differences with B2C sites. The first obvious difference is the target audience they aim to sell to. Some time ago, there was also a misconception that B2C sites should look “prettier” that B2B sites, but the case is this tends to be a false assumption, even so that the concept of B2H, Business to Human, was created.

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How to reduce returns and manage them when they happen

By Digital Marketing No Comments

If you are like most online shoppers, before you buy a product, you check the return policy, and data shows that 66% of shoppers do the same thing. Most shoppers, 81%, will only complete the transaction if the vendor offers free returns and over 90% say that if the product return process is simple, they will buy again. Return policies are important to online consumers because returns affect nearly 30% of products ordered online, compared to less than 9% in traditional stores.

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