What Is Crawl Budget, and How Optimizing It Will Impact in Your Rankings

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Crawl budget remains largely overlooked, ignored, or simply unknown. For those who did understand crawl budget, it suffered underestimation — viewed as more of estimation in implementation. However, the crawl budget of a website is an exceptionally important part of SEO and not nearly as mysterious as once assumed. Here you’ll learn to define, understand, and optimize your crawl budget. Read More

8 Site Navigation Tips and Tricks to Improve UX

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User experience, or UX, is a positive aspect of shopping most people take for granted until poorly integrated. At that point, everyone notices the look, feel, and usability. Usability refers to how well it functions and its predictability, which, in turn, integrates look and affects the feel. The look grants credibility and trust while the feel initiates a desire for interaction and a satisfied reaction. These matter because if a user’s experience is frustrating, their time and interaction with a site becomes bitter and short-lived. One of the first interactions a user will experience within a site is the navigation. Read More

The Voice Search Train has Arrived: Get on board or Get Left Behind

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Voice search has arrived. In astonishingly increasing numbers, consumers are using their voices to conduct searches on their smart phones, tablets, and in-home digital assistants such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod and Google’s Home. If the digital arm of your business is not optimized to take advantage of this emerging mode of consumer querying, you risk losing business to competitors who understand its power and have adjusted accordingly.  Read More

6 Product Packing Tips that Will Satisfy Your Customers and Bring Them Back!

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Today’s customer has more power than ever, and delivering a little something extra and providing your customer an experience is a difference-maker. The market is ultra-competitive and it takes more than a good product or service to earn buyers and to make those buyers customers. Product packaging is an example of that something extra that will deliver results. Here are 6 product packing tips that will satisfy your customers, and more importantly keep them coming back for more. Read More

Anatomy of a Conversion Optimization Formula

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A website conversion is getting your shopper do what you want them to do. For example, adding an item to cart, filling a contact form, or placing an order. Many years ago, Meclabs introduced a conversion optimization formula which we would like to present you today.

If you’re not a mathematician, don’t freak out, as this is not a problem you solve in the traditional sense. It’s a heuristic problem, meaning it’s a more concrete way to look at an abstract concept, such as the way we make decisions. Read More

Top 5 Google Ranking Factors in 2017

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Making sure that your company’s online presence demands search engines attention is key to success. When it comes to SEO optimization, the Google search is still king.

Although Google’s algorithm changes continually, following its trends when it comes to search rankings is one way to maximize the potential of your site. Based on a variety of studies analyzing this year’s projected trends and trends so far, the top five most influential factors are: Read More